- 2011

Client: Sopron Bank Burgenland

In this ambient campaign we installed two vending machines dispensing mineral water in the streets of Budapest. The machines had two types of buttons: “I PAY - 50 Ft” and “I DO NOT PAY - 0 Ft”, whichever button you pressed, you got a 0.5 litre bottle of cold, sparkling mineral water. 

Sopron Bank Burgenland was facing a double challenge in the summer/autumn of 2011. It had to explain to the citizens of Budapest what a bank with the name of a remote town in its name doing in Budapest, at the same time as trying to communicate its offers to potential middle class customers in a time when banks were heavily attacked by the government.

We suggested using the old tradition of the “trust till” unique to the Sopron region in Hungary by emphasizing the honesty of the people living in the region and adapting this means of selling goods to the urban environment of Budapest at the same time as measuring the honesty of the citizens of Budapest.

Meanwhile we emphasized values, like honesty and loyalty, that are important to the potential middle-class customers, by including them in the design of the bottles.

The campaign literally flooded the Hungarian media; the leading news channels (including, and MTI) all shot their own report about the machines, as well as several news programmes, magazines, websites and blogs covered the topic.

At the end of the campaign we published the “honesty index” on the campaign’s microsite, which indicated the difference in the number of payers/non payers between Pest and Buda (the two sides of Budapest with one machine on each side).


Creative concept: Krisztián Kolesár
Project manager: Alexandra Kató
Assistant project manager: Sarolta Nagy
Art director: Róbert Beliczki
Production: Arté Kft.
press: Dorka Tamás