- 2009

Client: Mazda Motor Hungary

What do your accessories tell about you? - ambient and blog campaign

The accessories we wear and use tell a lot more about our style than we would think. So what does your car tell the world about who you are? 

The main characteristic of Mazda3 is STYLE (Auto Bild Design Award winner), so, considering the target audience (A-status, single, sporty male, aged 27-40) we created a campaign that asked ‘What do your accessories tell the world about who you are?’
The teaser campaing used one striking tool: an arrow that could be pointed at passers-by in the street. In certain trendy areas of Budapest we installed several hundred of these arrows saying ‘What does your watch / mobile phone / haircut / etc. tell about you?” Plus, at the same time hostesses carrying large arrows followed people to their biggest surprise and gave them arrow-shaped stickers with info about the campaign. We cooperated with popular style and design blogs: Mazda represented the blogs in the campaign, while the blogs voluntarily covered the topic in turn. The cherry on top was a Mazda3 cruising in the streets of Budapest with a gigantic arrow built on top of it. 
The result: more than 1000 new unique visitors within one week on the Mazda3 website, several hundred thousand street contacts, and tens of thousands of blog followers. 


Creative concept: Krisztián Kolesár
Production manager: Alexandra Kató