- 2007

Who wouldn't love a delicious project? We have been accompanying Fruccola since they opened their first restaurant in 2007. Since then we have produced hundreds of menus, price tags, stickers, boards, flags, balloons, flyers and tags, all which have proved so delicious-looking and inviting that Fruccola has become a flourishing business with two hip restaurants in downtown Budapest.


Original identity: Alex Poulson
Art director: Robert Beliczki 
Production manager: Alexandra Kató 
Production assistant: Sarolta Nagy, Ágnes Willmann
Copywriters: Alex Poulson, Zsombor Pál, Bori Hepke, Sarolta Nagy, Ágnes Willmann
Graphic designers: Robert Beliczki, Botond Burus, Zoltán Sallai
Photo credits: Andrea Anca / Gábor Tausz